A walk through the Botanical Garden to discover its treasures in company of the characters and the immortal lines of Shakespeare’s genius.
The initiative of the Garden joins the many others all over the world. It aims at adding a literary and romantic flavour to the usual walk of the people visiting the place: nature and landscape lovers, botanists, teachers, students, Italian and foreign visitors. One hundred seventy five plants, herbs, flowers are mentioned in Shakespeare’s works, meaningful for their symbolism, magical effects and qualities, often a reflection and metaphor of the human soul. In the Garden they are abundant. All you have to do is looking for them while walking along the paths in a relaxing, instructive and gratifying treasure hunt.


Explore the four pathways chromatically and distinctly structured in our garden

Educational Corner

Project 'Shakespeare in the Garden'
The cards suggested are just an example of what can be done as projects and activities inspired to the Shakespearean pathways at the Botanical Garden in Trieste. They are both a teaching/learning toolkit and a hint to deepen the knowledge of Shakespeare’s works while widening the information about plants. Focusing on the teacher’s autonomy and professionalism, all of these cards can be either applied in the classroom as they are, or changed, integrated, divided, etc. according to needs, context and methodological processes. The evaluation of each student or group will take into account the achievement of the objectives and levels of competence that are valued as more appropriate to the type of work implemented. The assessment and validation of the outcomes of the project will be made on the basis of the feedbacks delivered by students and teachers, based on either a simple, oral enquiry (use of a numeric scale) or a written questionnaire.
The project arises from a chance encounter and the swift sharing of an inspirational idea

September 2018 – Trieste in a typical sunny and windy day. The study group of the European Erasmus Plus project ‘Jardin sans frontière’ is visiting the Botanical Garden in an atmosphere of cultural exchange and sharing when the idea of a project dedicated to Shakespeare arises in the shape of botanical pathways inspired to his works.
The newly-built team works constantly and cooperatively in a mood of enthusiastic interest, eagerness and intellectual enjoyment to achieve the envisaged objectives. Meetings are planned to establish each specific stage aimed at the development of stirring literary-botanical pathways fitting the structure of the garden while crossing the Shakespearian floral elements with the existing botanical species. Then, the selection and organization of all data and the realization of the whole plan. The project grows, thus taking on an increasingly clearer identity until four meaningful walkways are determined: the Shakespearian pathways. Here the Bard’s work and the natural world meet in a harmony of poetry and green.

from an idea of Gianrossano Giannini, Mary Gino, Giuliana Corbatto
selection of texts and translations Mary Gino, Giuliana Corbatto
graphic design Antonio Ambrosino
botanical coordination and consultancy
Massimo Palma